“Mommy, when the baby gets here, can the baby sleep with me?”

Dear Baby,
This morning we woke up to a beautiful layer of snow on the ground, your big brother was so excited! Of course it quickly melted away but the hills are still spotted with white.
Big brother cannot wait to meet you! The other night he asked if when you got here, if you could sleep in his bed with him. He is always asking when you are going to grow because he can’t see you yet; you’re only the size of an apple seed.
Mommy has been looking at gear on the internet non-stop and has already bought your first baby blankets! Beige and green of course. (Mommy really wants you to be a girl. It was so hard for me not to buy the pink blankets!) I’ve already found the perfect diaper bag and stroller system for you.
Our first appointment is on January 20th. Mommy and daddy can’t wait for the moment we see your little heart-beat on the screen.
It’s already sunk in that I am now a mama of two! Our family is complete.
I love you to the moon and back,


8 Comments to ““Mommy, when the baby gets here, can the baby sleep with me?””

  1. awe this is so sweet and amazing robin! im happy so much fun reading it!

  2. Dear grandbaby
    I can’t wait see you new baby this summer! I love this story very sweet of big brother.
    Your grandma grandpa very ecixted see you this summer 2011. we love you very smile..
    Love, Grandparents.

  3. Auntie keshy loves you too baby apple seed! 🙂 I will be the cool auntie and you will love me the most!!!!!!! (I’ll give you soda when your mom says no 😉

  4. Aww i love this, i wish i would have done something like this. Thats too cute about your son! I hope you have a easy going pregnancy and wish you the best!

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