January 3, 2011

wish list 1.0

Being on the computer all day at work has it’s ups and downs. One of the ups has become addicted to looking at baby gear!

Here is my ever so¬†conservative¬†(ha!) wish list I’ve compiled so far…

#1. Cake by Petunia Pickle Bottom, Cosmopolitan Carry All in Buttercream $349.00
Why? Well look at it, it’s¬†obviously¬†the most beautiful diaper bag ever. I probably went though at least 5 diaper bags in 3 years with Gabe so investing in this piece would save money in the long run. And I’m not going to lie… I will use it for other things that don’t relate to diapers.

#2. Original Moby Wrap in Black $39.95
Why? It’s the most innovative baby wrap on the market today. Designed for comfort for both mom and baby, it’s a win-win! Moby’s first priority is safety and consumers using the wrap correctly. I love that they have step-by-step pictures and instructional¬†videos for first time ¬†users on their website. Designed for newborn to toddlers up to 35lbs (which I think big brother is barely over that at almost 5!), I know this will be a piece I will use again and again. It’ll be a great nursing cover and to use while doing chores, walks and shopping trips.


#3. The Rittenhouse Collection by Graco $119.99 – $199.99
Why? Graco is one of the most trusted baby brands. And look at that pattern, oh so sassy! All the pieces are¬†practical¬†and useful,¬†especially¬†the Pack ‘n Play! I love that it has a bassinet and changing unit attached in order to¬†utilize¬†the small space I’ll be working out of when baby comes. The stroller and high chair fold nicely when not in use and the car seat is rated among the top in safety.

What are some of your favorite must have baby items? It’s been 6 years since I’ve looked at any of this stuff. It’s a whole new world of baby gear!

Robin Opal

December 30, 2010

“Mommy, when the baby gets here, can the baby sleep with me?”

Dear Baby,
This morning we woke up to a beautiful layer of snow on the ground, your big brother was so excited! Of course it quickly melted away but the hills are still spotted with white.
Big brother cannot wait to meet you! The other night he asked if when you got here, if you could sleep in his bed with him. He is always asking when you are going to grow because he can’t see you yet; you’re only the size of an apple seed.
Mommy has been looking at gear on the internet non-stop and has already bought your first baby blankets! Beige and green of course. (Mommy really wants you to be a girl. It was so hard for me not to buy the pink blankets!) I’ve already found the perfect diaper bag and¬†stroller¬†system for you.
Our first appointment is on¬†January¬†20th. Mommy and daddy can’t wait for the moment we see your little heart-beat on the screen.
It’s already sunk in that I am now a mama of two! Our family is complete.
I love you to the moon and back,

December 28, 2010

christmas eve

Shower. Pee on a stick. My plan for the morning. I originally planned to test Christmas Day, but I was getting too anxious.  I laid the test upside down and waited 5 hours. (Reality= 3 minutes.) Flipped it over and saw a huge positive and gasped.

The following thoughts ran through my head.

“That was FAST.”
“That was easy…”
“Andrew is going to flip.”
“I can’t go on any rides at Disneyland.”

I ran downstairs and shouted to Gabe, “GUESS¬†WHAT!!!!!! MOMMY HAS A BABY IN HER TUMMY!!!!!! YOU’RE GOING TO BE A BIG BROTHER!!!!!! OH MY GOSH HOW ARE WE GOING TO TELL YOUR DADDY!!!!!!!!!!!”

You could say I was a little excited.

We wrote daddy a card that said, “Dear Daddy, I am going to be a big brother! Merry Christmas. Gabe, big brother.” He wanted me to write big brother after his name, already so proud! We brought it to the office where Andrew and I work, and recorded the whole thing. He was¬†speechless¬†and had a few tears. It was perfect. And then he made me go to the store to buy another test! Ha! Of course it came up positive again. Overjoyed.

I called my best friends,¬†Skyped¬†with my mom and family in Washington (she cried!) went to Christmas Eve service at church, whispered to a few more people then at our family dinner, Gabe gave Grandma (Andrew’s mom) the card we gave daddy earlier. She was in shock, Andrew’s aunt screamed and we all hugged. What a huge blessing.

Today you are 5 weeks old and due to bless us with your presence late August.

I love you so much already, even though you make me feel like I’m going to throw up.